A fun and adventurous children's chapter book! 

Early and intermediate readers

                                SUNRISE OVER FIRE ROCK FIELD
                                        A children's chapter book

Children's Chapter Book - Iggy Iguanodon Authors - Kids Books

John Dolbey lives in the Midwest with his wife and daughter.
He began feeding his daughter’s deep fascination of dinosaurs with countless bedtime and drive-to-school adventure stories, and the creation of Iggy, Guana, and Dawn is the result of years of collaborative character building. His background in Sociology and Conflict Management lays the foundation for this dinosaur-ific tale. 

John’s 2010 release, Sunrise Over Fire Rock Field, is a tribute to his daughter, her love of dinosaurs, and those adventurous iguanodon siblings. John and his daughter are still telling stories and coming up with new journeys for Iggy and his sisters. Keep your eyes open for new Iggy dinosaur children's chapter books!

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