Iggy is in the center of this illustration . His two younger sisters are Guana (right side) and Dawn (left side). Guana is more peaceful and thoughtful and wants to avoid conflict. Dawn is spunky, fast, and seems to get into trouble more often. All together, the three siblings are three strong-willed and adventurous iguanodons destined for a new, and better, life! 


                                SUNRISE OVER FIRE ROCK FIELD
                                        A children's chapter book

Children's Chapter Book - Iggy Iguanodon Authors - Kids Books

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Other than his two sisters, Iggy's best iguanodon friend is Tail Whip, an iguanodon with more heart than fighting skill, and a longer tail than he really knows what to do with most of the time. Mox and Jaz are two triceratops who are not always the most friendly of plant eaters, but Iggy and his sisters work hard to enlist their help for the adventure of a life time, and new friends could be made.


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Dinosaur children's chapter books and dinosaur stories for kids are fun and exciting! Early readers, intermediate readers, independent readers welcome to this dinosaur children's chapter book.


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