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   Author John Dolbey

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"It's an amazing book that really paints a picture in your mind. The drawings are wonderful..."
 - Young Reader

"My daughter enjoyed...the story in particular because it shows the adults listening to the kids (giving them confidence)"

"My son finished it...and said it was one of the best books he had ever read. He is a very good reader...and he was a fan of dinosaurs since age 2."

"My daughter loved the book so much that once it was dinner time her eyes hurt from reading non-stop..."

"Sunrise... is a fun-to-follow adventure...with a positive message"

"What a great book...a perfect gift for young readers"

"Sunrise is a chapter book readers delight...The reader will be spellbound by the adventures as they unfold" - Elementary School Librarian


                                SUNRISE OVER FIRE ROCK FIELD
                                        A children's chapter book

Fun Chapter Book For Children - Positive Messages That Parents Appreciate

Children love Iggy, Guana, and Dawn, our three iguanodon siblings.
Iggy's Story:

One fearless and forward-thinking young iguanodon, along with his two sisters, must earn the respect of not just their peers and elders, but also that of the other plant-eating dinosaurs (brachiosaurus, stegosaurus, diplodocus, and triceratops). Iggy sets out on an exciting dinosaur adventure to save his plant eater herd.

Will they find food? Will they get better protection? Can they work together to solve their problems? Look out for the tyrannosaurus rex!

Highlighted Reviews:

Writer's Digest Book Awards "The story of Iggy's coming of age delivers a great positive message for kids about taking responsibility, being brave, cooperating, caring about others, and learning to share. The plot moved at an excellent pace for young readers to follow while including scenes of description and play that they will find humorous and fun." 

"Young readers will love this book...It also inspires kids to stand up for what they believe in and not to be afraid to pursue their dreams...My twins loved the story and couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen next!" (
Susan Heim, editor/author of the acclaimed series "Chicken Soup for the Soul" & parenting books, Boca Raton, FL.)

"Sunrise is a chapter book reader's delight...The reader will be spellbound by the adventures as they unfold." (Susan Hall, Elementary School Librarian, St. Ursula Villa School, Cincinnati, Ohio)

"This book talks about courage and bravery of a young iguanodon, will hold your attention from start to finish no matter your age." (Ella Johnson, owner of Memorable Children's Books and Gifts, Brandon, Florida.)


give iguanodons top billing in Sunrise Over Fire Rock Field, a dino-mite children's dinosaur chapter book by author John Dolbey that gets chapter book readers to think dino-dynamically and to be committed to their ideas. For one thing is certain, if we think big and work together, sunrise or sunset, the sky is the limit! Celebrate children's chapter books, dinosaur books, and the iguanodon!

This children's dinosaur book is great reading as an early-later chapter book, or parents, read this book to your younger children.

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